PIETSCHMANN Legal focuses on the legal advisory of complex construction projects. These include, inter alia, major transport infrastructure projects such as railways, airport buildings and bridges, as well as power plants, hotels, football stadiums and exhibition buildings. Characteristics for such projects include the close integration of legal, technical and construction management issues that can be solved successfully from one hand. We therefore have provided our services for many years in constant cooperation with engineers and construction management firms. Our office space is shared with our partner Fiedler Consulting Engineers which allows for continuous integrated project work with lawyers and engineers- a unique feature of our office!

The focus of our consulting activity is our strong practical orientation. Our focus, in addition to contract design, is the execution of construction projects including drafting and negotiation of additional claims and prolongation of construction time. In the interest of all parties involved our target is to come to an amicable settlement. Negotiating objectives can only be successful if the justification of additional claims is satisfying, both legally and technically, to the highest professional requirements. Doing exactly this ensures our multidisciplinary integrated approach to consulting. The same is also true when litigation cannot be avoided and courts must be availed. We assist our clients with our extensive trial experience.

For more than 17 years we have been acknowledged as consultants in the construction industry.

We can assist you with questions in the fields of VOB/ A, VOB/ B and HOAI. This includes in particular qualified, tailored advice in draft contracts and negotiations as well as questions that may arise in connection with the construction project. The PIETSCHMANN team accompanies you not only by ways of court dispute, but of course also by way of extra judicial dispute settlements.

You recognize the created value potential, we develop the legal concept and complete it together with you. Legal conditions are not used as a starting point, but the realization of the economic goals of our clients is our focus. Significant benefits are:

  • Drafting and negotiation of purchase contracts (possibly with or without legal and technical due diligence)
  • Development of public legislation
  • Design of planning and construction contracts
  • Legal and technical (together with consulting engineers) control and risk management
  • Legal and technical (together with consulting engineers) claim management

We know the construction industry. We support and advise you in the initiation and negotiation of (GU) contracts for partnership quality and economic project management.

As specialists in construction and real estate law we offer a comprehensive service, from site development and contract drafting for legal project management with construction process advice, to start-up and legal support for every day hotel operations.

Contracts in the Hotel Industry

We advise hotel companies in the form of contracts:

  • Project development contracts
  • General contractor and other construction contracts
  • Architects', engineers' and consultants' contracts
  • Project control and management contracts
  • Hotel contracts (rental, franchise, lease or management contracts, including hybrid contracts)
  • Hotel facility contracts (FF&E)
  • Facility management contracts
  • Continuous use contracts

Project Management and Consulting on the Construction Process
We support the hotel industry with legal services in project management and the construction process:

  • Planning permissions
  • Technical and legal project management
  • Negotiation of amendments
  • Litigation
  • Assistance in dispute settlements
  • Advice for fulfillment and warranty issues

Legal Support for Every Day Hotel Operations
We assist hotel management in operation and utility billing, maintenance and repair, and early termination of fixed term rental and lease conditions. With our practical legal support we provide professional solutions to all problems around hotel inventory and hotel operation.


  • Neue Dorint GmbH, various objects with hotel specific contracts
  • Project accompanying and consulting for Zoofenster Berlin (Waldorf-Astoria Hotel 5 star +) in all project phases (building envelope, addition, FF&E, contract management)
  • NH Hoteles, various objects with different hotel contracts
  • Daimler AG (Real Estate)
  • Alpine Bau Deutschland AG, hotel construction in Essen (IC Hotel) and competition proceedings in Ingolstadt
  • Alpine Bau Deutschland AG, AirrailCenter Frankfurt/ Main (The Squaire), consulting on the construction process with subsequent arbitration procedure
  • Max Bögl Bauunternehmung GmbH & Co. KG (Ibis Hotel SBK-Schillingbrückenkopf)
  • Universal Real Estate for joint consultation with URE as a partner company

Hotel Practice Group


Anja El-Ishmawi

Mrs. El-Ishmawi represents hotel chains, boutique hotels and project developers. The focus of her work includes disputes and advising on the conclusion of hotel specific contracts (rental, franchise, lease or management contracts including mixed forms). In addition, Mrs. El-Ishmawi is a certified attorney in insurance law and has a particular specialization in real estate and construction related insurance contracts.


Rainer Pietschmann

Originally coming from the field of construction and real estate, Mr. Pietschmann has expanded his interdisciplinary legal and technical approach also within the hotel practice group. This applies particularly to issues of contract design, maintenance and repair in hotel operating agreements, as well as for every day hotel operations (eg, technical and organizational fire protection).


Nadja Stoikow

Ms. Stoikow has been working exclusively in the hotel practice group. Her focus lies within the guidance of court and arbitration proceedings. A particular focus of consulting for Mrs. Stoikow is the design of low risk rental and lease contracts for hotel properties.


Birgit Geißler

Mrs. Geißler’s focus lies within the construction practice group. She also has many years of expertise in the design and negotiation of FF&E contracts.



We assist you in the search for ideas, planning and realization of your project. Together with the cooperation of PIETSCHMANN Legal and our partner engineer consulting companies, we solve both legal and technical problems from a single source.

Be it questions of real estate development, classical conditioning, surface or underground civil engineering, the price determination or enforcement of subsequent claims, particularly in complex disputes arising from disturbed construction processes: in-depth knowledge of engineering and sophisticated legal advice belong together in practice. A successful project implementation continues throughout all phases of pre-qualified legal and technical decisions.

A well-established team, proven by long term cooperation of lawyers and consulting engineers, saves you the coordination of different professionals. With us you get the solution for your legal and technical problems from a single source. Through our IPM, Integrated Project Management, we make sure that our decisions and recommendations take into account not only legal aspects but also the technical requirements of the project.

Legal and technical advice allows the owner a project tailored design of tender documents and invitations to tender. Together with our clients and our partner engineers we prepare tender documentation, discussing rating criteria, timing and the admissibility of alternative tenders on the basis of current national and European legislation and technical standards.

On the bidder’s side, legal and technical advice determines the framework for participation of German, European and global procurement procedures.

Clients expect a clear decision, which can be used in tendering for special objection scenarios. Relevant legislation, case law and market development are the authoritative basis for assessing the vulnerability of decisions.


  • Deconstruction of the Palastes der Republik in Berlin
  • Reconstruction of the Museumsinsel in Berlin
  • Reconstruction of the Kinderzentrums Monumentenstraße (children's center monument) in Berlin
  • Justizzentrum (Justice Centre) Potsdam
  • Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin (Berlin State Library)
  • Legal opinion on behalf of a subsidiary of the Landes Berlin
  • Polizeiakademie (Police Academy) Oranienburg
  • Conversion of an office building of the BSR (Ringbahnstraße 96)
  • Permanent consulting when awarding DV/ IT systems for hospitals and settlement institutions

During tender processes for general contractor services and complex planning tasks, it is very important to integrate a full range of professional planning services at all stages of preparation and implementation of procurement procedures. This task can be performed in house at PIETSCHMANN Legal, together with our affiliates Fiedler Consulting Engineers and Universal Real Estate Associates.

We develop solutions that take into account all technical, commercial and legal aspects of projects alike. This will ensure that the goal of our clients is not changed during procurement procedures and to avoid that the procurement process is returned to its initial steps.

Comprehensive management of the procurement process applies to:

  • Initial steps/ needs test
  • Market research
  • Identification of needs
  • Choice of procurement procedures
  • Description of the terms of reference
  • Presentation and discussion of evaluation criteria
  • Compilation of tender forms
  • Deadline management
  • Evaluation of bids received
  • Communication with bidders
  • Preparation of tender the decision

In carrying out the above tasks with our affiliated companies, we are much closer in practice than our competitors.

We have highly secure computing structures and can guarantee maximum data security in the implementation of complex procurement procedures. On a specific project, tailor-made internet based communication solutions provide clear structures and avoid confusing communication via fax or email.

The contacts in this field include: Rechtsanwalt Rainer Pietschmann

Construction disputes seem inevitable. The reasons for this are manifold. In recent years alternative methods of dispute resolution, as an alternative to the court process, have been developed and discussed. Mentioned here is in particular mediation, which was initially applied mainly with success in family law disputes. Increasingly, the implementation of mediation shall be considered for construction disputes.

Mediation Process to Build Expertise

As our own experience shows, it is not sufficient in a number of cases when the mediator appointed by the parties moderates conflict resolution. Especially complex and extensive construction disputes require an objectification of the facts, in particular technical, construction management and legal expertise and experience. This knowledge is, however, in the mediation process and not in the foreground. Mediation is rather largely understood as meaning that the consensus principle is overlaid by the clarification of the issues.

Practice shows that the parties of large building projects are usually in the position and also bring a willingness to discuss contrarian positions with each other. However, it often requires a third party that connects no economic interest with the construction project. After all, a project manager for a construction company or a project developer / builder, has in mind the project’s success for his client. Moreover, there are large construction sites with project personnel on both sides that often lack information, as the specialists involved often feed the present managers with facts from their own perspective.

Even in the professional circles of mediators this problem is discussed. Increasingly, a "distributive negotiation approach" and a so-called "specialist advisory mediation" for technical and/ or legally complex disputes is recommended. Therefore in addition to the mediation of construction disputes, the established and accepted principles of settlements increase.

Our settlement rules may be downloaded here (in German):

A good lawyer, as part of their advice, must always have in mind the risks and opportunities of a possible process situation. Our goal is to avoid processes. Nevertheless litigation must be excellently performed. This includes for large processes, the necessary effective organization (eg comprehensive electronic document management) and the experience of lawyers in construction and real estate law.

In addition, because of technical and construction management complexity, a clear and structured presentation of the substance of dispute is of particular importance. When the (technical) issue claimed is not understandable by the Court or is not clearly presented, the claim will not be successful. Together with our partner agencies we perform, from a legal and technical point of view, more than 100 major procedures. Here we work out every phase to try to find mutual agreements. However, this should not happen at any cost.

The rights of architects and engineers are another important field of consulting for us. We advise architect and engineering companies in all issues related to remuneration, risk management and liability.

These rights are of particular importance for construction and real estate law since the clear and unambiguous control of interfaces between architects and (specialist) planners essentially determines the project’s success.

In the field of architectural and engineering law PIETSCHMANN Legal works closely with consulting engineers, for example when it comes to the definition of design services in the field of structural steel or when performance descriptions should be adopted as functional specifications in construction contracts.

PIETSCHMANN Legal is one of the few medium-sized firms that has, for years, worked with industry representatives, project developers and investors in international arbitration. We serve our clients in all phases and issues of arbitration (arbitration agreements, commencement of the arbitration, process design, economic management, representation and enforcement). Our focus is on the material content of the process, as ultimately success depends on content. Our further education of the major European arbitration rules (eg SL Construction, ICC, Vienna Rules) in the English and German language is a must.

In the real estate industry field, the PIETSCHMANN team supports you with any questions about property.

In addition to the drafting of legal and technical advice in the context of real estate due diligence for real estate transactions, we provide an extensive consultation in the field of project development. PIETSCHMANN Legal also advises you on issues of residential property law and commercial and residential landlord and tenant law. It goes without saying that special attention is given to the associated economic issues and objectives of our clients.

Legal and technical real estate due diligence provide a clear basis for deciding investment and determining purchase price. The risks arising in the course of the audit are identified and can thus be priced. "Leave no stone unturned": in considering leases and tenant structure, this principle applies.

The results of legal and technical due diligence determine the contractual agreements necessary to describe the object of purchase or the content of the company (share deal) and liability (warranties, disclaimers and limitations of liability). Due diligence is carried out prior to closing (Pre Acquisition Audit). But also thereafter, a due diligence may be necessary (Post Acquisition Audit).

The Following Tests Are Performed as Part of Due Diligence:

  • Contract reviews (rental agreements, insurance contracts, facility management contracts, contracts with utilities, employment contracts, etc.)
  • Examination of easements, rights of use, land registers
  • Track record of litigation in recent years
  • Public examination including fire protection
  • Quality inspection of the building including its building services and energy efficiency
  • Identification of possible further costs for repair, upgrading, refurbishment or redevelopment of the property
  • Legal and technical investigation of the possibilities of change of use

Public Private Partnership has been in the past years of increasing importance. We mainly assist the industry and medium sized companies when participating in procurement procedures, including contract management.

Based on years of experience in contract management, PIETSCHMANN Legal advises you on legal and technical arrangements for the execution of services in construction building, civil engineering and foundation engineering. In addition, you will be advised and supported with the execution and conclusion of building contracts.

The actual running performance (actual construction) can vary for many reasons from the contractually agreed performance (should be construction). The cause for this is often due to insufficient or delayed inputs from entrepreneurs, service changes or additional services. The assessment of the causes and effects of disturbances, altered or additional services usually leads to controversies between the contractor and the client. With our engineering team, we support you in the creation, establishment and evaluation of your additional claims, in which you can avert unjustified claims and enforce your rights against the contractor. Specifically, we offer the following consulting services:

  • Creation, justification and evaluation of additional claims
  • Avoid unauthorized claims
  • Enforce claims against the contractor
  • Identification of disturbance costs (compensation and payment)
  • Consulting for all phases of the construction process (preparation, planning, procurement, implementation until the final payment)
  • Invoice of lump-sum contracts

Im internationalen Vertragsrecht haben die von der Fédération Internationale des Ingénieurs Conseils (FIDIC) entwickelten und standardisierten Musterverträge für internationale Großbauvorhaben immer mehr an Bedeutung gewonnen. Diese Verträge entstammen dem angelsächsischen Rechtskreis und werden immer häufiger bei europaweiten Ausschreibungen gefordert bzw. empfohlen und auch bei privat finanzierten Bauvorhaben vor allem in Osteuropa verwendet.

Das Pietschmann-Team hat internationale Bietergemeinschaften in Vergabeverfahren und in der Ausführung von Infrastrukturmaßnahmen und Bauprojekten mit europaweiter Bedeutung beraten.

Airbus Hamburg-Finkenwerder

  • Integriertes juristisches Projektmanagement des Neubaus der Lackierhallen Airbus A380 in Hamburg-Finkenwerder

Airrail Center Frankfurt (Neubau)

  • Integrierte juristisch-baubetriebliche Beratung bei den Rohbauarbeiten, Nachtragsbearbeitung

Altes Pumpwerk Holzmarktstraße, Umbau und Erweiterung

  • Baubegleitende Beratung
  • Fortschreibung der Bauablaufplanung

Arbeitsamt Berlin-Südwest

  • Integriertes juristisches Projektmanagement des Neubaus

Ärztekammer Berlin

  • Integrierte juristische baubetriebliche Beratung zum Neubau der Ärztekammer Friedrichstraße in Berlin

Autobahnbrücken A 100

  • Integriertes juristisches Projektmanagement zur Beratung der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Autobahnbrücken A 100

Biosphäre Potsdam

  • Integriertes juristisches Projektmanagement
  • Prozessführung des Generalübernehmers

CargoLifter (Werftanlage Brand)

  • Baubetriebliche Analyse zur Hallenmontage
  • Technische Vertragsprüfung

Denkmal für die ermordeten Juden Europas - Ort der Information in Berlin

  • Gutachten zu Ursachen, Auswirkungen und Kosten des gestörten Bauablaufes

Detlev-Rohwedder-Haus, Berlin

  • Integrierte juristisch-technische Beratung zu Sanierung und Umbau des ehemaligen Preußischen Kriegsministeriums

Deutscher Bundestag (Grundsanierung des Bürogebäudes Dorotheenstraße)

  • Integrierte juristische-baubetriebliche Beratung des AN
  • störungsmodifizierte Fortschreibung des Bauablaufs

Einkaufszentrum Alexa, Berlin Alexanderplatz (Neubau)

  • Integriertes Projektmanagement für den Rohbau
  • Darlegung von Mehraufwendungen infolge gestörten Bauablaufs

Einkaufszentrum Boulevard Berlin, Steglitz

  • Integrierte juristische-baubegleitende Beratung
    Ablauf-, Termin-, und Störungsmanagement

EKZ Borsigturm, Berlin

  • Integrierte juristisch-baubetriebliche Beratung zum EKZ mit Parkhaus und Bürogebäude
  • Gutachterliche Feststellung von Ursachen, Auswirkungen und Kosten des gestörten Bauablaufs

EKZ Neukölln, Berlin

  • Integriertes juristisches Projektmanagement

Hauptbahnhof Nürnberg (Umbau)

  • Gutachterliche Stellungnahme zum Planfreigabe-Prozedere und hieraus folgenden Störungen der Ausführung

Hotel Mövenpick Berlin

  • Integrierte juristisch-baubetriebliche Beratung zu Umbau und Sanierung
  • Nachtragserstellung und Schlussrechnungslegung

Humboldt Universität Berlin

  • Baubegleitende Beratung zum Ersatzbau Mensa Nord

Industrie- und Handelskammer Berlin

  • Integrierte juristisch-baubetriebliche Beratung zum Neubau des Ludwig-Erhard-Hauses
  • Baubetriebliche Analyse zu Störungen des Bauablaufes

Kant-Center Berlin (Umbau und Erweiterung)

  • Baubegleitende Beratung, störungsmodifizierte Fortschreibung der Bauablaufplanung, Nachtragsbearbeitung
  • Integrierte juristische-baubetriebliche Beratung des AN
  • störungsmodifizierte Fortschreibung des Bauablaufs

Kö-Haus Nord, Düsseldorf

  • Integrierte juristisch-technische Beratung zum Neubau des Hotelgebäudes

Kugelhaus, Wiener Platz in Dresden

  • Baubetriebliche Analyse zu Ursachen und Auswirkungen des gestörten Bauablaufes
  • Gutachterliche Stellungnahme bei Planungsleistungen

Landeszentralbank Berlin

  • Integriertes juristisches Projektmanagement für den Um- und Erweiterungsbau

Lehrter Bahnhof, Berlin

  • Integriertes juristisches Projektmanagement der Baugruben und des Rohbaus des Bügelgebäudes am neuen Hauptbahnhof Berlin

Metro 4 in Budapest (Neubau)

  • Juristische Beratung, Koordinierung und baubetriebliche Beratung bei Angebotserstellung

MK3, Nordbahnhof, Berlin

  • Integrierte juristische-baubegleitende Beratung
  • Störungsanalyse im Baufortschritt

Münchner Tor (Neubau Hochhausensemble in München)

  • Gutachterliche Stellungnahme zu Ursachen, Auswirkungen und Kosten des gestörten Bauablaufes

Neubaustrecke Lüttich-Köln

  • Integriertes juristisches Projektmanagement

NH Hoteles Deutschland GmbH

  • Beratung zu Qualität und Sichtmanagement in München, Nürnberg, Berlin, Göttingen

Novartis Headquarter in Basel, "Diener Building" (Neubau)

  • Baubegleitende Beratung, störungsmodifizierte Fortschreibung der Bauablaufplanung
  • Baubetriebliche Analyse zu Ursachen, Auswirkungen und Kosten des gestörten Bauablaufes

Potsdamer Platz, Berlin

  • Integriertes juristisches Projektmanagement zur Beratung der Arbeitsgemeinschaft A1, B1 bezüglich des Rohbaus an den Hochhäusern DaimlerChrysler Immobilien und Regionalbahnhof Potsdamer Platz
  • Integriertes juristisches Projektmanagement des Rohbaus Ritz-Carlton Hotel

Rheinkraftwerk Iffezheim (Erweiterung)

  • Integrierte juristische-baubetriebliche Beratung
  • Prüfung Nachträge der Nachunternehmer
  • störungsmodifizierte Terminfortschreibung
  • Prüfung des Schriftverkehr

Riemers Hofgarten

  • Integriertes juristisches Projektmanagement zur Begleitung der Prozeßführung am denkmalgeschützten Ensemble

Schleuse Hohenwarthe und Schleuse Berlin

  • Integriertes juristisches Projektmanagement der Arbeitsgemeinschaften zum Neubau der Schleusen

Schloss Bellevue in Berlin

  • Integriertes juristisches Projektmanagement für den Umbau
  • Darlegung von Mehraufwendungen infolge gestörten Bauablaufs

Stahlbau Kraftwerke Neurath, Datteln, Walsum (Neubau)

  • Integriertes Projektmanagement für den Rohbau, Nachtragsbearbeitung

TFH Wildau

  • Integrierte juristisch-baubetriebliche Beratung an Rohbauarbeiten für den Umbau von Halle 10
  • Nachtragsbearbeitung

VW Design Studio Potsdam (Neubau)

  • Baubetriebliche Analyse zu Auswirkungen und Kosten des gestörten Bauablaufes

Waldorf Astoria Hotel (für den Generalunternehmer Alpine Bau Deutschland AG)

  • Vertragsmanagement
  • baubegleitende Beratung für den Bau, Ausbau
  • FF [&] E und NU-Management